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The Random Post Community
Lots of people wasting time, meeting other people with too much time
13th-Jun-2006 06:15 pm(no subject)


  • Myxomitosis was a viral disease of Brazilian rabbits

  • When this virus infected European hares it was highly virulent – caused death

  • Introduced hares were a big problem in Australia

  • The virus was deliberately introduced into Australia as a biological control agent

10th-Jun-2006 02:05 am(no subject)
Soy yo.
7th-Jan-2006 03:33 pm - RandomPost Update
torgo, FTL
RandomPost no longer ignores the lj-cut tag. If you have randompost on your friends list, you no longer have to worry about giant New Year's Eve parties killing your bandwidth. :-P

Unfortunately, there's no way for me to preserve the original text of the cut as LJ doesn't put that in their RSS feed. Because of this, all entries with cuts will say "This entry contains a cut. Click here for full post."

24th-Nov-2005 11:11 am - Randompost bugfix
torgo, FTL
Randompost's RSS feed (http://randompost.nanowerx.com/rss.cfm) was randomly selecting a user, but instead of displaying a random post for that user's LJ, it was just displaying that person's most recent entry. This has been fixed, so people who have the feed on their LJ friends lists should now start seeing a wider range of entries.

30th-Oct-2005 12:57 pm - Because I'm bored...
... and have way too much time on my hands today...


That is all.

Oh yeah, and thanks for the random post doohickey. It is great for wasting time.
19th-Oct-2005 12:20 am - Howdy
satan pancake
Like the random post thing, thought I'd join up here, too. Nice ta meetcha.
1st-Oct-2005 12:26 pm(no subject)
torgo, FTL
So, there's a community now, eh? Well I guess I might as well say "hi" or something. I'm Scott. I wrote the RandomPost thing. This does not make me special in any way. However, if anyone would like to give me various sexual favors in appreciation for the joys of...umm...RandomPost...I won't say no. Unless you're a guy. :-P

29th-Sep-2005 11:27 pm(no subject)

I've been thrown in the mix at Random Post!
29th-Sep-2005 11:21 pm - Random Post Community
So I since a few people from Random Post have commented on entries in my blog, I decided that it would be a good idea to start a Random Post Community...

The name of the Community is RandomPostPeeps
When you join, make a post about it in your blog... that way it will get advertised more often on Random Post, and via the Random Post Feed...

Oh and don't forget http://randompost.nanowerx.com
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